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Freedom at THE LIBERTY Hotel

THE LIBERTY – Bremerhaven’s exceptional theme hotel is located in a unique, historical place at the New Harbor, where 7 million emigrants left Europe to seek their fortunes in the new world. From the wharf in the New Harbor, they left their homeland behind and boarded ships, full of hope for freedom and a better life in the United States. 

Come feel the freedom that emigrants experienced!

Have a drink or a cocktail in our sophisticated NEW YORK BAR or on the 5th floor terrace. Enjoy dinner at the hotel restaurant MULBERRY STREET, offering fine Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the diversity of the actual Mulberry Street, stretching from Little Italy to Chinatown in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Escape to the MIAMI SPA to enjoy the saunas, relax in the quiet lounge or build up your strength on the cardio equipment in the fitness area. And then pamper yourself with a massage or a beauty treatment.