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... to the city on the sea and THE LIBERTY Hotel in Bremerhaven!

THE LIBERTY is Bremerhaven’s unique theme hotel, with modern elegance that is a true attraction in this coastal city. It is not a coincidence that our hotel was built where it stands today. THE LIBERTY is right on the historical spot where, between 1830 and 1974, about 7 million people sought their fortunes by emigrating from Europe. From the wharf in the New Harbor, they left their homeland behind and boarded ships, full of hope for freedom and a better life in the United States. 

Come feel the freedom that emigrants experienced! Freedom, sea air and a little bit of Bremerhaven’s meditation technique: "Sit on the dock, watch the boats and keep quiet!" No other German harbor city lets you get as close to the ocean-faring giants as Bremerhaven!