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Restaurant manager

This is the perfect place for you, if you ... 

... are a friendly and considerate host/hostess

... have completed vocational training in the hotel or restaurant industry or have experience as a restaurant manager or assistant manager

... act as a competent contact person for our international guests 

... can assist our guests when choosing wine, whether for a casual meal or for Fine Dining

... are organized, ambitious and flexible 

... are eager to guide and train our employees and apprentices in our day-to-day business

... enjoy creating, planning and running events and functions 

... are not scared off by office work

... would like to contribute to the success of the restaurant, events and ultimately to the business. 

Does this sound like you? Then we can’t think of any reason why you should wait! We are hiring immediately and are looking forward to meeting you. 

Please e-mail your application to our hotel director, Mr. Christian von Rumohr at