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Ron de Preter - Chef de bar at THE LIBERTY Hotel

I was born in 1965 in the Netherlands. As a little boy, I started collecting liqueur bottles, keeping them on a shelf in my room. When I was 15 years old I got a job in a disco - not working behind the bar, but picking up and washing glasses. So it was clear early on that I would end up behind the bar. Soon after, I moved to Spain, where I continued to learn more in different bars and eventually became the bar manager in a Spanish-Dutch bar. 

When cocktails became popular in Germany, I took the plunge in 1991 and started my own business, working as a freelance barkeeper for various companies in the beverage industry. In 1993 I joined the German Barkeeper Union, where I won first prize in a cocktail contest the first year of my membership. I had my own mobile cocktail bar built and traveled to other countries, taking advantage of every opportunity to mix cocktails. Working with a major German juice company, I offered cocktail workshops and demonstrations. It was around this time that I started working as a Brand Ambassador for a Dutch liqueur company, traveling to domestic and international events and exhibitions. I successfully participated in several international cocktail contests, was twice crowned Dutch cocktail champion, and won two prizes at the Drinks International Cocktail Challenge in Bordeaux. One of these drinks was selected in London as cocktail of the year and presented in 2018 in the book “101 Award-Winning Cocktails from the World’s Best Bartenders.”

At a German wine exhibition in 2006, I had my first encounter with a company that offered products to create molecular cocktails. This immediately caught my attention and I realized the potential for cocktails with a new consistency applying molecular gastro-techniques. I started experimenting at home to be able to add molecular cocktails to my repertoire. Some of these cocktails were published in the German book “Molekulare Partyrezepte” (Molecular Party Recipes) in 2009. 

I have been running the bar since THE LIBERTY Hotel opened, with just a brief interruption. The NEW YORK Bar is my all-time favorite bar and I really love mixing my creations for the hotel guests from around the world as well as the patrons from the Bremerhaven area! Serving the right drink to everyone is a high art, but ultimately the drink is just a means to an end. Its true purpose is to facilitate communication between people who do not see each other every day.

This is why my motto is:

“Starting with a Drink!”