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Phillip Probst - Chef de cuisine at THE LIBERTY

I am a true northern boy. I grew up in Oldenburg and completed my vocational training there. Before introducing the Fine Dining concept, I got around quite a bit, working on Helgoland, in Switzerland and in New Zealand, among other places. I have been chef de cuisine for several years. In 2016, with my team in the Eifel region of Germany, I cooked my way to my first star and defended it the next year.

I have been in Bremerhaven since February 2018, when the hotel opened. I wanted to return to northern Germany and jumped at the chance. I see it as a substantial advantage that I am from the area and that I am familiar with the surroundings and the people. To be successful in a restaurant, you have to feel your way in, getting to know the people, the products and distinctive regional characteristics.

It is important to me that we do not waste anything. We process whatever we buy. We do not want to waste food. We do our best to buy regional products but are open to other sources as well. What we use is of a consistently high quality. The focus is always on the product in my kitchen. I do not over-season the food and rely instead on the inherent taste. 

I am a passionate chef and it is very important to me to please my guests and offer them a pleasant experience at the restaurant Mulberry St. I cooperate with my souschef Marcel Siegers and the rest of the team to create exciting seasonal and regional menus. If there is something different that you would like to try that is not on the menu, let us know and we will try to accommodate your wishes.

I am looking forward to your visit!