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Golf Club Bremerhaven Geestemünde

18 holes right in Bremerhaven

The design of the course reflects the philosophy: All of the holes apply the principle of a strategic golf round. Each hole offers aggressive as well as defensive golfing.

If a golfer chooses to play aggressively, he could be rewarded for a strong swing - or penalized a stroke or two if his swing is off. Playing defensively means that it takes longer to reach the hole, but there is less risk.

This concept was applied by designing the holes such that there is an obstacle - either water or a sand trap - before one half of the green, while the other half is a clear shot. So depending on the flag position, there are many different ways to play.

Not just the strategic design makes the course interesting: the high-quality greens are an attraction as well. The greens are all elevated, and their shapes and undulations vary vastly. The lack of waves and plateaus is intentional. Instead, the greens have slight undulations that are tricky to read.

Overall, the diverse, strategic and high-quality design of the holes ensures that golfers of every skill level face a new challenge every round.

This course is never boring and is fun for every player.